Here is an example of a recommended reading list for the 11 PLUS exams that was published by Colet Court Independent School (2016). This list will give you some idea of the level at which your child should be reading by age 11.

Adams, D.                              The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  

Beddor, F.                               The Looking Glass Wars series  

Blackman, M.                          Noughts and Crosses  

Bowler, T.                                Bloodchild  

Brooks, K.                               Martyn Pig  

Card, O. S.                              Ender’s Game Series 

Christie, A.                              Murder on the Orient Express etc.  

Coleman, M.                           The Cure  

Conan Doyle,  A.                    Sherlock Holmes  

Curley, M.                               The Named Series 

Dunmore, H.                           Ingo Series  

Ellis, D.                                   The Prison Runner  

Forde, C.                                 Fat Boy Swim  

Gaiman, N.                              Coraline  

Gardner, S  I, Coriander,         Maggot Moon 

Gordon, R & Wiliams, B.        Tunnels series 

Grindley, S.                             Spilled Water   

Harris, J.                                 Runemarks  

Hearn, J.                                 Rowan the Strange  

Hearn, L                                  Across the Nightingale Floor 

Hiatt, Fred                               Nine Days 

Hinton, N.                               Time Bomb  

Hughes, T.                              Tom Brown’s Schooldays 

Lloyd-Jones,                           RobWild Boy 

MacPhail, C.                           Wheels  

McCaughrean, G.                   Stop the Train  

Naidoo, B.                               Burn my Heart  

Nix, G.                                    Sabriel  

Orwell, G                                Animal Farm 

Paolini, C                                Eragon Series 

Pratchett, T                             Truckers, Diggers etc  

Rhue, M                                  The Wave  

Riordan, J.                              The Sniper  

Scott, M                                  The Alchemyst  

Sedgewick, M                         Revolver  

Simmonds, M                         Pool Boy  

Simpson, C                             Dogfight  

Singer, N                                 Gem X 

Stevenson, R L                        Kidnapped 

Stewart, T L                            The Mysterious Benedict Society  

Swindells, R                            Abomination  

Verne, J                                   Round the World in Eighty Days  

Westall, R                               The Kingdom by the Sea 

Wooding, C                             Storm Thief Series