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Is your child struggling with answering comprehension questions at school and as they prepare for their 11 PLUS exams?

I have found, from my experience, that quite a lot of students in primary as well as secondary school find this very difficult. With the 11 PLUS exams looming this is the right time to help your child to learn how to answer comprehension questions correctly, especially as this is part of the English paper in the 11 PLUS, and we all know how important this has become in the marking scheme.

Discover the 7 steps they will need to master COMPREHENSION

I want to help you to improve your child’s skills in answering questions by sharing my easy to follow, 7 quick and easy steps to mastering comprehension. Within a couple of days of watching this video you can begin to improve your child’s skills in reading and answering questions.

I have put together 7 quick steps to enable your child to learn how to answer comprehension questions and become confident in doing so.

Format: 7 Easy to Access and Implement Course Videos (Plus Bonus Tip)


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About Margaret Laoshe

Margaret Laoshe is a writer, content editor, mother of three high achieving children. She has helped her children and others to master comprehension and pass their 11PLUS and independent school exams. Now, she is sharing quick and easy steps that will increase your ability to improve your child's understanding and propel them towards comprehension success.

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BUY 7 Quick and Easy Steps To Mastering Comprehension (Video Course) Only £10

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With the comprehension Quick and Easy Steps to Exam Success Training Course, You will understand how to help your child:


    1. Understand The Text


    1. Identify Key Concepts


    1. Understand The Question


    1. Find The Answer In The Text


    1. Answer The Question


    1. Grasp Conceptual Questions


    1. Understand The Importance OF Practice, Practice, Practice!   

PLUS BONUS 1 Additional Ways To Support Your Child                           

BONUS 2 In depth ‘Step By Step Guide’ To Answering An Exam Paper with explanation and examples.