Aces Aspire Future Leaders Academy Pre-Launch

The Future Leaders 2022 Academy Pre-Launch was hosted last week. It gave the children a chance to get involved, learn some skills and have fun.

Our first guest speaker was Norman Vaughan, an entrepreneur, Dj’s and has had a career at Zoom and BT. He spoke about the importance of networking and having a solid network, as well as the benefits of reaching out to others.

Our second speaker was Kevin Korgba, CEO of L.E.A.D Global, author and lecturer who spoke about discovering who you are and finding out what you want to become.

We also heard from the Future Leaders Committee members and these are the three key aspects we are launching;

  1. Relaunching the Aces Aspire online magazine
  2. Attending online and offline termly events
  3. Kickstarting our Aces Podcast/Youtube Interviews

We can’t wait to get the Academy started!