Amazing Parent Gems at Twitter with Keziah Connections

We would like to sincerely thank Natalie Clue, founder of Keziah Connections and #Twitterwomen for a special invitation to the phenomenal women’s event that was hosted at the Twitter HQ on Tuesday 17th October 2017.

KC and Twitter Women's amazing panel

We were delighted that the mothers of Amazing Parent Gems, their daughters (and son) and young ladies of were able to be a part of the amazing audience of women who came together to listen and network with some of the UK’s leading ladies.

Carrie Timms, Unilever UK Media Director, sharing gems with mother and daughter

The fabulous panel of leading speakers included:

Carrie Timms, Unilever U.K. Media Director

Nilufar Fowler, CEO of Mindshare Global

Nilufar Fowler, CEO of Mindshare Global

Irene Moore, Co-Founder and CEO at DM London

Irene Moore, Co-Founder and CEO at DM London

Angie Greaves of Magic Radio

Carrie Timms, Unilever U.K. Media Director

The panel was very vibrant, honest and impactful. They spoke about the wonderful (but slow) move towards gender equality within leading companies. Useful gems were shared about mentoring, sponsorship, being different, ignoring people who choose to discriminate and never asking for the approval of others.

It was a night well spent.

After listening to the amazing panel and networking with the extremely ‘down to earth’ super achievers, we felt ready to take on the world. We shall certainly continue to ‘dare to be different’ and ‘never ask for approval to SHINE’!

If you would like to encourage your daughters, feel free to direct them to the student magazine to see the ACES Aspire student/ youth team’s account of the impact of the Keziah Connections and Twitter Women event on young female leaders of the future. Student Editorial Team

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