BBC Visit and BBC’s First Steps Mentoring Project

We were delighted to join ACES Youth Project and ACESAspire on a visit to the BBC to hear more about BBC’s First Steps Mentoring project. We are really excited about the programme and hope that parents, whose children are interested in media, will encourage their children to apply for the mentoring programme.

Amazing Parent Gems at the BBC

The full details are below.

“BBC First Steps Mentoring project – Kick-start your knowledge about broadcasting and apprenticeship roles at the BBC”

The BBC have launched the BBC’s First Steps mentoring project for future apprenticeship candidates.

  • Does your child have a passion for media and broadcasting?
  • Do you think they would benefit from some mentoring by production teams at the BBC?

The BBC is offering mentoring, support and guidance for up to fifteen young people from the Greater London area.

Who is the BBC’s First Steps Mentoring project for?

The mentoring project is for talented young people with a passion for some kind of media, who have that creative spark but might need some help when it comes to dealing with formal applications.

What is the aim?

‘First Steps is here to give a little bit of help to talented potential candidates.’

The aim of the programme is to guide help future applicants understand the application process including the online questions, online assessments and the dreaded assessment centres. The mentoring is designed to help attendees do better with the application process for the BBC’s Production and Journalism Apprenticeships, when they launch in March next year.

Where will it be held?

Successful applicants will be invited to BBC London over a series of three days for a full day.

When will it be held?

One day in January, February and March.

What will be involved?

It will involve mentoring, shadowing, employability training and potential masterclasses.

How can your child apply?

They can contact