If you are thinking about getting a copy of Michelle Obama’s new book, we certainly recommend it. We are so passionate about this book, we have made it our giveaway of the month. You can win a copy here but first have a read of the review below. You will get to understand what all the fuss is about and why this is a must read.

Our Review

Regardless of class, age or colour, Michelle Obama appeals to and resonates with women across the globe. As First Lady, we saw her stand and speak with so much grace, confidence and authority of her own; her name was never associated with any scandal. In a world where women are continuously fighting to be seen and heard, Michelle Obama has always represented hope for us all.

In ‘Becoming’, Michelle Obama recounts very early on how humble her beginnings really were. She describes her family home, a small apartment her family rented, which was really a floor in the home of the neighbourhood piano teacher.

She lovingly describes her parents’ commitment to her and her brother’s success. They educated them on how things were different for people of colour and encouraged them to push harder.

As you continue reading through her detailed account, it is clear to see why we as women and parents relate to her so much. Her vivid descriptions of her past strongly prove that the White House and the role as First Lady did not make her forget her humble start in life.

In fact, growing up with less, witnessing and becoming aware of the changes in the neighbourhood demographics, her piano teacher’s unwavering attention to detail were all crucial aspects in the woman she was becoming, and the woman she is now.

As a parent and a woman of colour, Mrs Obama’s message was loud and clear – we must continue to strive despite our circumstances in order to (continually) become our greatest self.