Career Smart: Future-Ready Strategies for Young Achievers with Yomi Bello

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Future-Ready Strategies for Young Achievers
With a remarkable career spanning over two decades at Computacenter, Yomi Bello has demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in the IT sector. Currently accountable for the EUC, Datacentre, and Network Maintenance Services delivered to a global investment bank across 46 countries, Yomi ensures the seamless operation of critical IT infrastructure on a global scale. His dedication to diversity and inclusion is evident through his active role as a steering committee member of the Employee Impact Group (EIG) for Ethnic Diversity, where he champions the recruitment, retention, and progression of diverse talent.
About Yomi Bello:
Having joined Computacenter 24 years ago as a Senior Customer Engineer, providing EUC support for prominent clients such as BNP Paribas and Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, Yomi has climbed the ranks to lead a 120-strong Engineering Group in London and oversee the transition of new services into Computacenter.
Yomi’s Expertise Include:
  • Global IT Infrastructure Management: Ensuring the smooth operation of EUC, Datacentre, and Network Maintenance Services across 46 countries
  • Diversity and Inclusion Leadership: Steering diversity initiatives to attract and retain a diverse talent pool
  • Team Leadership: Leading and managing large engineering groups and service transitions
  • Client Support: Providing exceptional EUC support to high-profile investment banks
Join Yomi at the Education and Power Summit to explore how embracing diversity and delivering top-notch IT services can drive success in today’s dynamic business environment.