Overcoming Personal Traumas and Triggers for Parenting Success with Dr Kenisha Jackson

  Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Overcoming Personal Traumas and Triggers for Parenting Success Dr Kenisha Jackson is a distinguished Ordained Minister of Faith and an ACP-registered Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. With over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, Dr Jackson has dedicated her career to supporting the […]

Developing You Child’s Entrepreneurial and Financial IQs: Key Insights from a Visionary’s Webinar

In a dynamic and exclusive webinar hosted b In a dynamic and exclusive webinar hosted by Amazing Parent Gems, entrepreneur and inventor Derek Gray unfolded the blueprint for instilling financial literacy and entrepreneurial spirit in children. This insightful session, reserved for members, bridged the gap between nurturing financial savvy and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in […]

Unlocking 11 Plus Success: Expert Strategies for Your Child’s Triumph

Dive into the crucial world of 11 Plus preparation with educator Donia Narh in our enlightening video. Designed for parents navigating the competitive journey towards grammar school admission, this video demystifies the 11 Plus exams and offers invaluable strategies for success. Discover why starting early and fostering a love for learning can make all the […]

Empowering Your Child for 11 PLUS Success: Insights and Strategies from a Parent’s Perspective

In the world of parenting, where we all hope to see our children succeed, preparing for the 11 PLUS exams is a journey filled with both challenges and opportunities. The story of how Marylin helped her son Samuel navigate this path stands as a source of inspiration and practical advice for parents embarking on a […]

Fostering Literary Excellence: Natasha Goldson’s Blueprint for Parental Involvement

In the vast and varied landscape of parenting, the quest to equip our children with the tools they need for academic and personal success is ever-present. Drawing upon the wisdom of Natasha Goldson, an English expert with a wealth of experience, this article delves into practical strategies that parents can adopt to nurture a love […]

Nurturing Success: Parental Guidance for Thriving Children with Natasha Goldson’s Expertise

A Time of Support and Motivation  February stands as a beacon in the academic journey, brimming with opportunities for growth, learning, and family bonding. It’s a month where the support and guidance of parents become invaluable, as children navigate assessments, prepare for exams, and make pivotal decisions about their futures. Drawing on the insights of […]

Embracing April: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

April, nestled within the heart of Easter holidays, emerges as a pivotal month for students and parents alike. It’s a period teeming with academic evaluations, crucial decision-making, and the much-anticipated two week break—a perfect opportunity to recharge and regroup. For parents striving to support their children’s educational journey while ensuring their well-being, this month offers […]

Top 18 of ’18: Inspirational Speech by Head Boy and APG ACESAspire Winner

We kick start the year with some of our favourite 2018 APG moments. This was a truly inspirational speech by Anthony Abrahams, head boy and APG ACESAspire award winner. Anthony, a head boy at Langley Grammar School received the overall 2019 Inspirational Student of the Year Award and mesmerised the crowd with his truly inspirational […]

Importance of Visibility, Parenting and Education

Today, I discussed a range of pressing issues on the NONI Show, Yanga TV (Sky Channel 453) with Women4Africa Founder (Tola Onibanjo) and NONI’s host (Juliana)) I discussed the significance of visibility in the media and women being recognised for their hard work at events such as the Women4Africa Awards. The other issues discussed are […]

Why Develop Good Parent/ Teacher Relationship? Tips from Donia Narh, Education to Employment Specialist.

Why Develop Good Parent Teacher Relationship?  

Parents, Motivate Your Children by Being a Role Model. Donia Narh shares Parenting and Education Tips.

Parents, the best way to motivate your child, get them out of the house and active is to lead by example and be a role model. In this video, Donia Narh shares some empowering parenting and educational tips and strategies. If you want your children to serve, volunteer or find a hobby without grumbling and […]