Grammar Boarding: A Closer Look At Ripon Grammar School (Part 1)

It's that time of the year when parents are starting to think about which 11 PLUS exam and school to choose for their children in Year 5. Very few parents are...

Top 18 of ’18: Inspirational Speech by Head Boy and APG ACESAspire Winner

We kick start the year with some of our favourite 2018 APG moments. This was a truly inspirational speech by Anthony Abrahams, head boy and APG ACESAspire award winner. Anthony, a...

FREE APG POST 11 PLUS Education Seminar and Support Surgery (Bexley)

FREE APG Education Success Seminar and Surgery (Bexley) with Educators, Specialists and Parents Are you confused about the next steps after the 11 PLUS exams, how to prepare your child for SATS, considering independent...

What To Do After Grammar School 11 PLUS Exams If ‘Unselected’?

We would like to commend you for taking the time out to prepare your child for the 11 PLUS exams because it can be a very intense time for children and...

What Should You Do After The Grammar School Exams If ‘Selected’?

The grammar school results are out, and queries are coming in thick and fast. So, we thought we would create two posts explaining the options parents now have at their disposal...
Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

  Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads in the APG Network. Hope that you had a wonderful day!  


Today, we are sharing an example of a recommended reading list for the 11 PLUS exams that was published by Colet Court Independent School (2016). This list will give you some...

Note to Parents: 3 Things I learnt Working in London and Dubai

Special note from a science teacher to parents. As a Science teacher, I never struggled for work and was able to move from school to school easily. During my 5 year career,...

Selective Test Information For Grammar Schools in Barnet

Now its time to register for grammar school selective tests, here is a little bit of information to guide you along. We have compiled a list of all the North London(Barnet)...

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Don’t ever be ashamed your parents you love them, ever.

Don't ever be ashamed your parents you love them, ever.
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