Selective Test Information For Grammar Schools in Bexley

Now its time to register for grammar school selective tests, here is a little bit of information to guide you along. We have compiled a list of all the Bexley Grammar schools...

Why Develop Good Parent/ Teacher Relationship? Tips from Donia Narh, Education to Employment Specialist.

Why Develop Good Parent Teacher Relationship?  

How to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills with Early Years’ Specialist, Idda Olagbaiye

How to improve your child's communication skills by early years' specialist Idda Olagbaiye  

Securing Your Child’s Future is on AMAZON

We are delighted to announce that the book 'Securing Your Child's Future' is available for pre-order on Amazon. You can reserve your copy by clicking this link. This book has been written...

Parents, Motivate Your Children by Being a Role Model. Donia Narh shares Parenting and... Parents, the best way to motivate your child, get them out of the house and active is to lead by example and be a role model. In this video, Donia Narh shares...

How to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills, Strategies from Idda Olagbaiye, Early Years’ Specialist How to Improve Your Child's Communication Skills, Idda Olagbaiye Early Years' Specialist.

Power of Professional Parent Network

Professional parents should and can inspire their children.


Have you entered to win this FREE 11 PLUS Multi- pack Bonanza Giveaway? This multi-pack bundle of study guides, student practice books and flash cards will certainly give your child that 11...

Planning Ahead for Your Child’s Success (Interview with Independent School Headmistress)

Planning Ahead for Your Child's Success, Interview with Headmistress Mrs Hilary Wyatt, Hyde Park School. Hyde Park School is a successful independent primary school in Central London. Mrs Wyatt's tips and...

March Giveaway Release: 18th March 2018 is delighted to announced that the March 2018 Giveaway will be released on Sunday, 18th March 2018. You will get a chance to win some of the latest parenting and...

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Positive and Negative Impacts of Parenting Style

Positive and Negative Impacts of Parenting Styles According to psychologists, parents tend to have different ways of controlling or socialising their children. In addition, it is assumed that the primary role of...

No love is greater than Mom’s Love

No love is greater than Mom's Love... No care is greater than Dad's care...

A Mothers Treasure

A mother's treasure is her daughter.

Don’t ever be ashamed your parents you love them, ever.

Don't ever be ashamed your parents you love them, ever.
My Angel Mother Abraham Lincoln

My angel mother. Abraham Lincoln Quote

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” ― Abraham Lincoln