Congratulations Abigail (age 9), APG Drawing Challenge Participant

Amazing Parent Gems and ACES Aspire would like to congratulate Abigail for entering her two [...]

Top 18 of ’18: APG Supermum of 9 Wins Award

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What To Do After Grammar School 11 PLUS Exams If ‘Unselected’?

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Happy Father’s Day

  Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads in the APG Network. Hope that [...]


Have you entered to win this FREE 11 PLUS Multi- pack Bonanza Giveaway? This multi-pack [...]

Planning Ahead for Your Child’s Success (Interview with Independent School Headmistress)

Planning Ahead for Your Child’s Success, Interview with Headmistress Mrs Hilary Wyatt, Hyde Park School. [...]

Inspirational Mother’s Day Quote, Poem and Song For You!

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How to Prepare Your Child to Transition from Nursery to Primary School

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Building Strong Relationship With Our Children (Modern African Mother’s View)

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How I Support My Children (A Dad’s View)

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The Amazing Parent Gems Launch

The launch of the Amazing Parent Gems network and celebratory evening was a very successful [...]

Focus on Our Children’s Well- Being and Welfare

The well- being and welfare of our children should always be our focus.

How to mix fun, play and learning.- A Mother’s Proven Steps

How to mix fun, play and learning.- A Mother’s Proven Steps

Amazing Parent Gems reviews the Keziah Connections and Twitter Women Inspirational Networking Event

We would like to sincerely thank Natalie Clue, founder of Keziah Connections and #Twitterwomen for [...]