Selective Test Information For Grammar Schools in Bexley

Now its time to register for grammar school selective tests, here is a little bit of information to guide you along. We have compiled a list of all the Bexley Grammar schools open days, registration dates as well as test dates to enable parents to register for the 11+. You can also click on the […]


It is compulsory for every child in the United Kingdom to have an education. The Education System is divided into several parts namely, the early years which starts from 3 – 5 year olds; the primary years which starts from 4 – 11yrs and the secondary education which commences from 11- 16yrs of age.   I […]

Building Strong Relationship With Our Children (Modern African Mother’s View)

Mother and daughter with each other for white background in the studio, in jeans and tights.

One fundamental aspect of parenthood is relationship building with our children. From my experience, many parents in a stereotypical African setting believe that “children should be seen and not heard”. This is the general belief and till this day, even here in the United Kingdom, this is still the norm. I believe that it is […]