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Meet Donia Narh

I'm Donia Narh, deeply dedicated to empowering parents to prepare their children for academic excellence today, unlock their potential, and ready them for the future. With over 26 years in the education and employment sectors, I've launched the APG FutureReady Parent Powerhouse, encapsulating the wealth of knowledge I've gathered. My passion and commitment stems from firsthand experiences and a keen awareness of the educational hurdles families encounter, particularly professional working parents trying to ensure their children successfully navigate the UK's education system. My dual role as a parent and educator has starkly underscored the essential need for support that extends beyond the classroom.

With a rich background in education, from classroom teaching with a 100% GCSE pass rate to significant roles in social services and collaborations with leading companies, I've developed a comprehensive and unique approach to education and employment readiness. This journey has equipped me with the insight to support parents and children through their educational journey, ensuring no family navigates this path alone. My goal with FutureReady Parent Powerhouse is to fill the gaps, offering a TRIED, TESTED AND TRUSTED roadmap for academic and life success every step of the way.

Amazing Parent Gems is your one-stop platform for parental empowerment for raising children of African, Caribbean and dual heritage for those who are committed to nurturing today's achievers and shaping tomorrow's versatile leaders.

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