Creating A Creative Cultural Calendar: Plan Your Child’s Cultural Education Throughout the Year with Lucy Isaiah

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Plan Your Child’s Cultural Education Throughout the Year with Lucy Isaiah

Lucy Isaiah is a multifaceted individual whose dedication to empowering women, fostering entrepreneurship, and community service has made a significant impact over the past 19 years. As an Accessories Designer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Mentor, Lucy has devoted her career to providing women with the tools and mindset necessary to start and grow their businesses. Her efforts have created a thriving platform for aspiring female entrepreneurs.
About Lucy Isaiah
Lucy Isaiah’s diverse career spans multiple industries, showcasing her exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to empowering women. As a Business Consultant and Designer, she has shaped the careers of numerous women entrepreneurs through her credible guidance and mentorship. Lucy’s efforts have helped many women dominate the entrepreneurial platform, showcasing their skills, talents, and innovative ideas.
Lucy’s Expertise and Services Include:
  • Business Consulting: Providing strategic guidance to women entrepreneurs.
  • Mentorship: Offering mentorship to aspiring female entrepreneurs.
  • Accessories Design: Creating unique and marketable accessory designs.
  • Public Speaking: Inspiring audiences with her journey and expertise.
  • UNA Award for Community and Inclusion Services (2017)
  • Greenwich Volunteering Award (2018)
  • Keolis Amey Award as a Community Champion (2019)
  • Nominee for Woolwich’s Influential Women (2019)
  • IRMM Award for Mentorship and Modern Leadership (2019)
  • Royal Borough of Greenwich Civic Award (2019)
  • The Lioness Women Award (2019)
  • Platinum Jubilee Champion Award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
Lucy Isaiah’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, determination, and a heart for community service. Her unwavering commitment to empowering women and fostering entrepreneurship has left an indelible legacy, making her a true force for positive change in the world.