Durotimi the Champion Book Review by Phoebe Ossai

Durotimi the Champion by Titilayo Majekodunmi and Irene Omiunu

Introduction to the story 

Durotimi the champion said he is everything. 


Main Character and Protagonist 


Second Character/ Deuteragonist

The Drs, Teachers, Prime Minister, Astronauts 

Second Character/ Deuteragonist


Time and Era 



The parts of the story 


He was telling the story that he was everything



Durotimi said he is an inventor, and he can use his ideas.


Durotimi had fun with family. You can be anything. 


The Resolution of the story 


My book Review

I think I want to be a cook, a Dr, a key worker,(mummy, we learnt key workers at school yesterday) I want to be a teacher and a nurse. I can be anything I want. 

The Stories Characters 


The characters I liked best


The characters I did not like 


Lesson 1

I can be anything you want 

Lesson 2

I can do anything you want 


Lesson 3

I am supper


Team Check-In

Happy, love, joy and I want to teach others.