Education and Parenting Power Summit of Success

Unleash your parenting power at the upcoming Education and Parenting Power Summit of Success! Discover innovative strategies and actionable insights as the school year ends and the landscape of education, technology, and society rapidly evolves.
Join Our Exciting Education and Parent Power Summit Celebration from Tuesday 28th-30th May!
What’s in Store for You?
  • 30+ Experts: Educators, professionals, parents, and high-achieving students will share success tips and strategies on unleashing your child’s superpower so that they can become a future leader, excel in school this summer, become tech-savvy, pass exams, and more.
  • Access to Crucial Information: Gain insights that will empower you to be your child’s superhero including education, parenting, career, cultural, mental health and more…
  • Access to Innovative Strategies: Learn from experts, professional, parents and high achieving students about power strategies and approaches that go beyond traditional methods and make a tangible difference.
  • Access to Actionable Insights: Obtain practical solutions and actionable advice that can be immediately applied to benefit your child’s education and future.
Event Details:
Date: Tuesday 28th-30th May, 2024
Time: 8.00 PM
Location: Online – A link will be sent to all eligible participants.
Make it a Date to Remember: Don’t let this unique opportunity slip by. Book your ticket by May 28th to join the celebration, forge valuable connections, and ignite the spark of transformation for your child’s future.
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Celebrate, Connect, and Embark on an Education and Parent Power Journey with Us!