From Girls to Grace: Supporting Your Daughter’s Confidence During Puberty by Yves Boothe

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Supporting Your Daughter’s Confidence During Puberty
Yves Boothe is a Data-driven Digital Marketing Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the professional services industry. She is also the founder of Munãgiso, a Period Pants Brand (, recently launched to offer sustainable and comfortable menstrual products.
About Yves Boothe
In addition to her professional commitments, Yves has significantly contributed to several charities through voluntary roles. Notably, she has worked with FHALMA and NCWS, utilising her marketing prowess to build programmes, develop partnerships, and deliver successful annual events. Recently.
Yves Expertise and Services Include: 
  • Entrepreneur
  • Data-driven Digital Marketing
  • Brand Loyalty and Engagement
  • Content Marketing and PR Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy
  • CRM and Business Development
  • Entrepreneur