Grammar Boarding Schools: A Second Chance to Attend Ripon Grammar School (Part 3)

If you are still interested in sending your child to a grammar boarding school in Year 9 or Year 12, we have good news for you.

A Second Chance to Attend a Grammar School

‘Ripon Grammar School is offering students a second chance at selection testing, with an additional 13 places now available for 13-year-olds.’

You can read the full information about this wonderful opportunity here:

Key Dates for 13+ Testing

There are some key dates and information below for the 13+ and 6th form application deadline.

The 13+ test is on Feb 2 and deadline to apply is Jan 31.

For more details, contact Mrs Judith Dale at or phone 01765 602647.

Parents can find more information about the school at

Key Dates for Sixth Form Testing

Deadline for applying for sixth form entry in September 2019 is February 4. 

You can find more information about the sixth form entry here:

You can also contact the sixth form co-ordinator Mrs Emma Griffiths. T: 01765 602647 E: visit