Hair Love Review Book Review by Christabel Melomey

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

The book begins with a girl called Zuri who tells us that her hair does a lot of random things. It kinks, coils and curls. She likes her hair because it makes her what she is.

The main part of the book is where Zuri wakes up early for a special day. She needs the perfect hairstyle. She tries to do her hair by herself, but she can’t do it, so her dad comes and helps her. They try many different hairstyles that she doesn’t like until she watches a video which shows her what to do.

At the end they finally make the perfect hairstyle. Her mum comes back home and Zuri shows her new hair. Her mum says that her hair is beautiful.

I like the book because it makes me proud and happy for what I have. It has a lot of big, colourful pictures which shows me what  Zuri and the daddy tried to do with her hair.