How To Listen In Order to Protect Your Child’s Mental Health in Today’s Society with Tola Onigbanjo

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: How To Listen In Order to Protect Your Child’s Mental Health in Today’s Society
Tola Onigbanjo, known as WiseTola, is a trailblazer who is the founder of The Listeners 101 and co-founder of Women4Africa. Tola currently run The Listeners101, a non for profit organisation, that provides a listening service for young people aged 12-26 run up by a group of people (volunteers) with backgrounds in teaching, counselling, business, care work, events planning, social work and more. With over 25 years of experience in mentoring and empowering young people, Tola focuses on the transformative power of listening and giving young people a space to talk.
About Tola Onigbanjo
Tola is a wife, mother of five, and grandmother who has dedicated her life to empowering women and young people. Through her organisations, The Solid Woman, The Listeners101 and co-founder of Women4Africa, Tola provides platforms for women and young people to thrive and be heard. Her expertise in mentoring has positively impacted hundreds of young lives, particularly in underserved communities like Brixton and Camberwell.
Tola’s Services and Expertise include:
  • Visibility Coaching: Helping individuals, including parents and children, to confidently showcase their skills and achievements on social media.
  • Mentoring: Over 25 years of mentoring experience, guiding young people towards positive life choices.
  • Author and Radio Personality: Tola has authored books on step-parenting and hosted radio shows discussing parenting and youth issues.
  • Community Engagement: Co-founder of Women4Africa, celebrating African women’s achievements, and founder of The Listeners101, providing a safe space for young people to share anonymously.
Tola Onigbanjo’s dedication to empowering parents and children through visibility coaching and mentoring makes her a valuable speaker at the Education and Power Summit. Her insights and practical advice will inspire parents to foster confidence and success in their children’s educational journeys.