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Exclusive Parent POWERNetwork: Unleash Your Child’s Potential and Thrive with VIP Access

  • Want to reduce your stress and gain clear steps to navigate the education and employment system in a world full of noise?
  • Want to ensure that your child becomes a future leader and stays focused, avoiding social media distractions and negative influences?
  • Want to access tried, tested, and proven success strategies from a community of experts, parents, and high-achieving students?

If yes to any of the above, come and join our super supportive community of parents who are willing to share success strategies, access resource bank full of resources, expert guidance and supportive members who will show you how to successfully navigate the education-to-employment system? Ready to transform your parenting approach and prepare your child to thrive in an ever-changing world?

Come and join us with VIP access to our AmazingParentGEMS Parent PowerNetwork. For just £7 per month, here’s what you gain:

VIP Access Benefits

  • Unlimited Video Vault Access: Revisit all 30+ expert sessions and workshops at your convenience. Don’t miss a beat
  • Exclusive Resources: Access to a comprehensive resource bank full of essential materials to support your child’s journey.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive advice and strategies from experienced professionals and successful parents.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded parents ready to share their experiences and offer support.
  • Success Strategies: Learn proven steps to ensure your child’s future success and leadership.
  • Monthly Webinars: Participate in monthly sessions that cover a wide range of topics to enhance your parenting skills.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops that provide practical tools and techniques.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build relationships with other proactive parents and industry experts.

Plus, Claim These Exclusive Bonuses Now:

  • £75 Discount Voucher for a Consultation: Get a 1.5-hour consultation session with Donia Narh – hurry, limited spaces available! 
  • 30+ Exclusive Mini-Video Messages: Receive expert tips to boost your child’s emotional resilience and readiness for the future.
  • Private Audio Insights: Learn valuable parenting tips on-the-go while driving, walking, or winding down for the day.
  • 12 Months Get Ahead Black History and Cultural Training (£497)


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As one of the first 100 registrants, you’ll enjoy these benefits at a locked-in rate, unaffected by future price increases. Claim Your VIP-Access Pass for Just £7 Today! Transform how you guide your child’s growth and success with expert advice and an empowering community right at your fingertips.


Meet Donia Narh

I'm Donia Narh, deeply dedicated to empowering parents to prepare their children for academic excellence today, unlock their potential, and ready them for the future. With over 26 years in the education and employment sectors, I've launched the APG FutureReady Parent Powerhouse, encapsulating the wealth of knowledge I've gathered. My passion and commitment stems from firsthand experiences and a keen awareness of the educational hurdles families encounter, particularly professional working parents trying to ensure their children successfully navigate the UK's education system. My dual role as a parent and educator has starkly underscored the essential need for support that extends beyond the classroom.

With a rich background in education, from classroom teaching with a 100% GCSE pass rate to significant roles in social services and collaborations with leading companies, I've developed a comprehensive and unique approach to education and employment readiness. This journey has equipped me with the insight to support parents and children through their educational journey, ensuring no family navigates this path alone. My goal with FutureReady Parent Powerhouse is to fill the gaps, offering a TRIED, TESTED AND TRUSTED roadmap for academic and life success every step of the way.

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