Lead with Love: Guiding Neurodivergent Children to Success beyond labels of ADHD, Autism and more with Chichi Kuku

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Guiding Neurodivergent Children to Success beyond labels of ADHD, Autism and more 

Chichi Kuku is a dedicated life coach and mentor, with a deep passion for empowering women, young people, and families. With several years of experience in the education system, Chichi founded The Purple Halo in 2021, a coaching and mentoring service aimed at transforming lives through personalised interventions.
About Chichi Kuku
Chichi brings her extensive background in education and her passion for personal development to her role as a life coach. She established The Purple Halo to offer specialised coaching and mentoring services that address the unique challenges faced by women, young people, and troubled families. Chichi’s philosophy, “every life is a book,” guides her approach, empowering her clients to take control of their narratives and become the truest and highest versions of themselves.
Chichi’s Expertise and Services Include:
  • Coaching Women: Specialising in helping women with a history of trauma, including domestic violence.
  • Mentoring Young People: Supporting young people showing early signs of social, emotional, health, or behavioural issues.
  • Family Interventions: Providing interventions for families dealing with relationship issues such as domestic abuse, parental separation, divorce, and social services involvement.
  • Founder of The Purple Halo: Established in 2021 to offer transformative coaching and mentoring services.
  • Impactful Coaching:** Empowered numerous women to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.
  • Support for Youth: Mentored young people to address and manage social, emotional, and behavioural challenges.
  • Family Support Specialist: Implemented effective interventions for families in crisis, promoting healing and stability.
Chichi’s holistic approach ensures that her clients not only overcome their immediate challenges but also gain the skills and confidence to continue growing and thriving. By helping individuals and families regain their positions as authors of their life stories, The Purple Halo fosters lasting positive change and personal development.