Parenting Teens: Building Stronger Relationships with David Mullings

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Building Stronger Relationships

David, the CEO of Father Figure Children & Family Services, founded the organisation in 2011 after witnessing the detrimental effects of austerity measures on family support services. With nearly two decades of experience and his own journey as a father, David has dedicated his career to providing bespoke interventions tailored specifically for fathers. His work primarily involves acting as a McKenzie Friend court advocate, assisting fathers in maintaining contact with their children, and offering personalised coaching sessions commissioned by various London local authorities.

About David Mullings
David is a dynamic leader whose expertise spans nearly two decades, marked by his innovative approaches to fatherhood support. His personal experiences as a father enrich his professional endeavours, making his interventions both practical and empathetic. David’s commitment to fatherhood is further exemplified in his role as a consultant, where he led the transformative Fathers In Brent Programme, engaging over 5,000 fathers and positively impacting the lives of numerous children.
David’s Expertise and Services Include:
  • McKenzie Friend Court Advocate: Supporting fathers in legal matters to maintain contact with their children.
  • Personalised Coaching: Tailored sessions addressing the unique challenges faced by fathers.
  • Consulting: Leading initiatives to increase father participation in early childhood sectors.
  • Founder of Father Figure Children & Family Services: Established in 2011, providing vital support to families.
  • Leader of Fathers In Brent Programme: Successfully engaged over 5,000 fathers, impacting 33% of children under five in Brent.
  • Documentary Filmmaker: Directed “5 Black Fathers,” a film exploring the experiences of Afro-Caribbean fathers.
  • Father Inclusion Manager at Camden IEYS: Pioneered initiatives like “Camden Dads,” significantly increasing father participation.
  • Founder of National Father Inclusive Practice Forum (NFIPF): A network fostering collaboration on father-inclusive practices across the UK.
David’s multifaceted career is a testament to his dedication to supporting fathers and enhancing family dynamics. His work not only addresses immediate challenges but also lays the groundwork for systemic change, benefiting families across the UK.