Piecing Me Together Book Review by Chisom Onyejiechi

Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson

What is Piecing about?

Piecing is about a young black girl called Jade attending St. Francis School who is trying to piece her life back together after her parents’ divorce. She lives with her mother. Her mother tells her she is going to a new school out of her country, also she had got a scholarship. Her teacher gives her an opportunity. She has a life that is “shattered to millions of pieces”. Jade wanted to stay with her friend in her old home (the Northsides) and have a good life with them. She finds it difficult to fit in her new school. Her mum wants her to go to St. Francis School because they help with financial problems.

About the author, why you think she wrote Piecing?

The author, Renée Watson is an educator. Being a teacher, she not only cares about children but has some understanding about how they think and what issues they may face. She has written poetry, novels for teens and children’s picture books, mostly about the experiences of black girls and women.

The protagonist Jade is my favourite character. The fact that she wants to piece her life together, stay with her friends and learn about different cultures (she learns Spanish) is inspirational.

I understand Jade’s desire to remain with her friends. I personally enjoy spending time with my friends, having playdates and sleepovers so I understand the character.

Why would you recommend Piecing?

I like that this book shows me that I won’t always fit in everywhere. It shows that even though you feel like you’re supposed to be somewhere you belong, you’re not supposed to be there. You can also have any choice you want