Roots of Beauty: Growing Healthy Natural Hair with Janine Sterling

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Growing Healthy Natural Hair
Janine Sterling is the founder and CEO of Jeva Hair and Skincare Ltd. With a dual career as a Nurse and Midwife, Janine dedicates her days to caring for others during pivotal moments in their lives, including childbirth and various health challenges. Her expertise and compassion in the healthcare sector underline her commitment to nurturing and supporting others.
About Janine Sterling
By night, Janine channels her creativity into developing natural hair and skincare products for men and women. Her passion for natural beauty led to the establishment of Jeva Hair and Skincare Ltd, a brand cherished by her friends, family, and a growing customer base. Janine is also a proud mother of two successful adult children. Her multifaceted life includes creative culinary pursuits, engaging with subjects she’s passionate about, and enjoying live music with friends and family.
Janine’s Expertise and Services Include:
  • Founder and CEO of Jeva Hair and Skincare Ltd: Establishing and leading a successful natural hair and skincare company.
  • Professional Nurse and Midwife: Extensive experience in the healthcare field, providing care and support during significant life events such as childbirth.
  • Mother of Two Successful Adult Children: Balancing a demanding career and entrepreneurship while raising and nurturing her children to become successful adults.
  • Creative Entrepreneur: Developing a range of natural hair and skincare products that are well-received by friends, family, and a growing customer base.
Janine’s session promises to provide valuable advice and inspiration for professional parents striving for excellence in both their careers and personal lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Janine’s extensive experience and practical tips for achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.