Supercharged Study Skills: From Year-End Exams to New Term Readiness with Dorothy Asare

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: From Year-End Exams to New Term Readiness
Dorothy Asare is a highly experienced Senior Deputy Headteacher renowned for her expertise in overseeing the quality of education. With a career that began in 2010, she has been instrumental in enhancing teaching and learning (T&L), curriculum development, student progress, data analysis, and the administration of exams. Her areas of oversight include Science, Modern Foreign Languages (MfL), and Health and Social Care (HSC).
About Dorothy Asare
Dorothy holds a Masters in the Philosophy of Education and is currently completing her National Professional Qualification for Leading Teaching (NPQLT). Her teaching journey started with Religious Studies, and she has a rich background in supporting students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) across primary and secondary settings. Dorothy’s multifaceted experience includes roles in mainstream schools and colleges, making her insights invaluable for parents seeking to bolster their children’s academic success.
Dorothy’s Expertise and Services Include: 
  • Senior Deputy Headteacher – oversee Quality of Education (T&L/curriculum, Progress, data, exams, Science,MfL and HSC)
  • Trained as a Teacher in 2010
  • ⁠Masters in the Philosophy of Education
  • ⁠Teach Religious Studies
  • Prior to training worked for agencies in SEND primary and secondary schools/colleges/mainstream secondary and Primary Schools and colleges
  • Completing my NPQLT
Dorothy’s session promises to be a comprehensive guide for professional parents aiming to enhance their children’s educational experiences and outcomes. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her extensive knowledge and practical advice.