Supporting Your Child’s Journey to a Degree Apprenticeship with Vanessa Yakubu

Education and Parent Power Summit Topic: Supporting Your Child’s Journey to a Degree Apprenticeship
Vanessa Yakubu is an Enterprise IT Apprentice at Just Eat Takeaway and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital and Technology Solutions. With a robust foundation in Computer Science from Ada, National College for Digital Skills, Vanessa exemplifies dedication to technological innovation and education. As an Ada Ambassador, Vanessa has received mentorship from industry leaders, including a Head of Marketing at XpertHR, an Imperial College student, and a Salesforce employee during Sixth Form.
Vanessa’s Expertise and Services Include:
  • Career Advisory and Media Presence: As the Student Council’s Careers Advisor, Vanessa conducted high-profile interviews with the BBC and Sky News, showcasing the college and its mission.
  • Digital Content Creation and Freelance Work: Launched a successful food blog on WordPress, evolving into a freelance web designer with clients like Yale Professor Dr. Nakia Hamlett and Psychosexual Therapist Sylvia Milton.
  • Collaborations and Photography: Worked with renowned brands such as Shake Shack, Thunderbird, Absurd Bird, and many others in food photography.