Top 18 of ’18: APG Supermum of 9 Wins Award

One of our favourite moments in 2018 was when Mrs. Deborah Frimpong was awarded ‘Parent of the Year’ at the APG Top Achievers Awards.

The judges chose this ‘supermum’ of nine, because of her ability to balance how she raises her children, contributing to society, involvement in the Amazing Parent Gems Network and her son’s nominations.

Mrs Frimpong current achievements are very impressive. We have listed a few of her achievements below.

Engaged Parent

Mrs. Frimpong is committed to raising our future leaders. She attends school productions, debates, parent evenings, academic review days, football games and more.L

Life Long Learner

She is a lifelong learner and participates in furthering her own education by attending classes such as virtual reality workshops.

Media Mummy

She has been actively involved in various community media programmes. Within the community, she is a radio presenter and was actively involved in three radio shows. She has also been involved in two TV/ video programmes.

Community Champion

She has helped to co-design work of the Claridge Way in Thamesmead.

Her most recent community involvement and work are that she is the chair of a Thamesmead and Peabody Project.

Ministering to the Community

Deborah also works alongside her husband in a church ministry in Thamesmead. Some of her duties include supporting women and families in the community.

Some Surprising Discoveries

Her son revealed in his nomination this very active mother of nine, was once a Miss Congeniality winner.

Mrs. Frimpong continues to be a winner in her life. She is a proud mother who has raised very talented children. She is very clear that parenting is not easy, as she has struggled to help her children with a range of issues including as low self-esteem, peer pressure, and ADHD. Nevertheless, she has and is managing to overcome these struggles and encourages every parent to enjoy life and endeavour to find fulfilment in every area of life.

Her children are also following in her footsteps and have been involved in some amazing projects over the years.

Talented daughter, Jerusha’s singing My Valentine.

Talented daughter, Jecoliah’s TV Interview.

Congratulations, once again to Mrs. Deborah Frimpong. We are delighted that you are a part of the network because we have learned that it is possible to raise our children, contribute to society and find fulfilment in every area of life.