Top 18 of ’18: Dynamic Young Future Leaders

Congratulations to the ACESAspire team for ‘wowing the judges’ and getting recognition for their amazing achievements and successes throughout the year. They were also recognised at the APG Top Achievers Awards for being Dynamic Future Leaders in several key areas.

They had shown true leadership skills by being top of their classes and for also making a significant contribution in their local, national and international communities. Their achievements include maintaining top A*- B grades while contributing to ACESAspire magazine plus:

  • Speak Out London Finalist, News Shopper contributor, and ACESAspire Editor: E. Bello
  • International involvement with Girls Aloud programme at the United Nations: T. Bambisaye
  • Website creator for companies, Social Media Marketeer, and Barnet Athlete: V. Yakuba
  • Website creator, Actress, and ACESAspire Media Managers: B. Yakuba
  • The face of Courage London Cadet Magazine, Essex Cross Country Champion: L. Brant
  • Hockey and Sporting Enthusiast and ACESAspire Writer: D. Williams
  • Football and Athletic Champion and ACESAspire Writer: J. Frimpong
  • Swimming Champion, App Creator, and ACESAspire Editor: W. Laoshe

We are really proud of these young students and hope they have yet another inspirational, successful and fun-filled year.