Developing You Child’s Entrepreneurial and Financial IQs: Key Insights from a Visionary’s Webinar

In a dynamic and exclusive webinar hosted b In a dynamic and exclusive webinar hosted by Amazing Parent Gems, entrepreneur and inventor Derek Gray unfolded the blueprint for instilling financial literacy and entrepreneurial spirit in children. This insightful session, reserved for members, bridged the gap between nurturing financial savvy and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in […]

Unlocking 11 Plus Success: Expert Strategies for Your Child’s Triumph

Dive into the crucial world of 11 Plus preparation with educator Donia Narh in our enlightening video. Designed for parents navigating the competitive journey towards grammar school admission, this video demystifies the 11 Plus exams and offers invaluable strategies for success. Discover why starting early and fostering a love for learning can make all the […]

Noughts & Crosses Book Review by Charles-Wesley Melomey

Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman   About the Book Noughts & Crosses is a dystopian tale based on a divide in a city, focusing on two characters separated by their skin colour. This book was inspired by the murder of Stephen Lawrence. The powerless, white, people are described as the noughts […]

Importance of Visibility, Parenting and Education

Today, I discussed a range of pressing issues on the NONI Show, Yanga TV (Sky Channel 453) with Women4Africa Founder (Tola Onibanjo) and NONI’s host (Juliana)) I discussed the significance of visibility in the media and women being recognised for their hard work at events such as the Women4Africa Awards. The other issues discussed are […]

Why Develop Good Parent/ Teacher Relationship? Tips from Donia Narh, Education to Employment Specialist.

Why Develop Good Parent Teacher Relationship?  

Parents, Motivate Your Children by Being a Role Model. Donia Narh shares Parenting and Education Tips.

Parents, the best way to motivate your child, get them out of the house and active is to lead by example and be a role model. In this video, Donia Narh shares some empowering parenting and educational tips and strategies. If you want your children to serve, volunteer or find a hobby without grumbling and […]

Planning Ahead for Your Child’s Success (Interview with Independent School Headmistress)

Planning Ahead for Your Child’s Success, Interview with Headmistress Mrs Hilary Wyatt, Hyde Park School. Hyde Park School is a successful independent primary school in Central London. Mrs Wyatt’s tips and strategies were very useful. Parents must begin to plan before year 5. Please do share your comments and post any questions that you have […]

How to Prepare Your Child to Transition from Nursery to Primary School

Today is the deadline to apply for a primary school place for your child. Once you have applied, this is how to ensure that there is a smooth transition. Idda Olagbaiye, early years specialist shares some useful tips and strategies with parents. If you find this useful, please do leave a comment below.