Zaina’s Recount by Zaina

What did you do for your Restaurateur Challenge?
I made banana and strawberry smoothies for myself and my family. I customised mine by adding only strawberries with milk as the main ingredient for my delicious smoothie because I do not like bananas. My mum added honey for sweetness.
What did you enjoy most about the Restaurateur Challenge?
I enjoyed cutting the strawberries, breaking up the bananas, and watching the blender blend everything smoothly.
How much did you make, and what was your target?
I made £20, but my target was £25.
What skills and experiences did you gain from the Restaurateur Challenge?
I gained some marketing skills. Firstly, I needed to think about what to sell to my parents. I also developed the independence of cutting fruits. Additionally, I acquired the skill of measuring ingredients to make a tasty smoothie.